Water Line, Sewer Line, Storm Line  Installation, Replacement and  Repair 

Water, Sewer, Storm Repair, Replacement, and Installation in Alberta 

To most people, easy access to water and functional indoor plumbing seem like simple commodities. However, none of these convenient comforts would exist without proper sewer and water underground channels. This is where our services come into play. Strathcona Excavating Inc provides sewer and water services and repair to Alberta residents, businesses, towns and cities. 


Sewer and Water Services


Whether commercial, residential, or a municipality,  underground utilities require regular upgrades and repairs. There's no advantage to those who cut corners when it comes to underground utilities and Strathcona Excavating Inc. always goes the extra mile.


Our Civil and Sewer  Water Services include: 

  • Commercial and residential underground utility installation 

  • Installation and repairs on water lines

  • Emergeny water line & sewer line repairs and replacements

  • Septic systems maintenance

  • Septic tank installation 

  • Earthmoving 

  • Cistern maintenance

  • Fire hydrant repairs and install

  • Water main break repair

  • Valve maintenance and repairs 

  • Storm line maintenance, and install 

  • Sewer line repair and install

  • Sewage Line Replacement 

  • Hydrotesting Pipelines 

We Are Excavating Contractors Servicing Edmonton, Sherwood Park and greater area

Our Excavation Services: 

  • Site preparation and cleaning 

  • Utility Services 

  • Trench Digging 

  • Backfill, grading, and resurfacing 

  • Storm and water line exposure 

  • Ditches 

  • Compacting and testing

  • Basement Excavations 

Transports the following materials: 

  • Sand    

  • Stone 

  • Snow 

  • Soil 

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Water Hydrant Installation

Water Hydrant Installation