Pulled 100m electrical cable underground using direction drilling. There were on time, knew what they were doing, had the right equipment large directional drill and hydrovac, did it quick in 4 hrs and back filled at a much later date as had to wait for different contractor to finish. They had the manpower and performed the work safely. Glad I went with this contractor. Everything was excellent
Marcin Pisz
3 months ago
SEI went above and beyond excellent service. They did a large job for us replacing a water line that burst in the middle of winter, and did an excellent job with clean up, including cleaning the floors in the basement after installing the water line, leaving no mess in the house. Outstanding customer service would reccomend them to anyone.
4 months ago
Need a whole Hydro vac or Dug ., sewer repair and hydro vac and directional drilling every thing in between your good
Fred Average Minville
7 months ago
I have to say that this is a stand up company. Marc, Mitch and the crew that came to replace my sewer line really showed up for me! They take pride in their work and were a friendly bunch of guys. Absolutely would recommend them.
Jennifer Seutter
7 months ago
The crew was very nice to work with and they kept us informed and updated throughout the whole project. Our yard was returned to us in great shape.
Lorelei Schmidt-Warren
11 months ago
This winter we found out the reason for our frequent clogging in the sewer line: tar and paper pipes, they were installed in some homes between 1950 and 1956. We were looking for a company to replace the sewer line and have chosen Strathcona Excavating because 1) it was easy to talk to the main specialist; 2) the specialist was able to give approximate price right away without many primary talks and conditions; 3) the price was very reasonable. We have chosen a slightly more pricey work with manual digging a hole near the house. The company did the work in about a week after our phone call. The work itself took two days. On day 1, pipes survey and the manual digging was done. On day 2, a bigger hole near the alley was made with an excavator, the old pipes were replaced with new ABS 4" pipes, and both holes were filled back. There was practically no damage to our lawn near the house, except for the 4'x4' hole itself. The minimum traces were left. We liked how the company did the work and so far the sewer works without any problems. Here are some pictures of the holes and how everything looked after the work was completed.
Alexei Potapov
11 months ago
Submitted on behalf of my parents who are not the most technologically savvy, but who really wanted to submit a review: We can't speak highly enough of the professionalism of Strathcona Excavating. After a significant sewer backup in March 2023, we reached out to several companies to get quotes for excavation and pipe modification work for the main pipe from our home out to the sewer. We live in an established neighbourhood so it was a big job. After a lot of back and forth with other companies who said they would call back and left us waiting for nearly three weeks, we reached out to Strathcona Excavating to come and do a quote. They returned all inquiries promptly and were direct and honest with their quotations and what we might expect after the work had begun. They neither tried to lowball their quotes to make themselves look more attractive nor did they try to take advantage of two senior citizens. The crew were mostly younger, but this was not synonymous with unprofessionalism nor lack of knowledge - these guys know what they are doing and it is clear the company ensures that its employees arrive with the necessary skills and know-how to do what needs to be done. They were extremely helpful in offering us advice on submitting information to our insurance company as well as the city and Epcor to possibly get rebates to which we were entitled. They were punctual for each of their working days and consistently communicated what had been done and the status of the project and any anomalies they had found along the way. Perhaps most satisfying is that, once the work was done (both interior and exterior), they did a magnificent job cleaning up; they left no mess whatsoever! We suspect they even left the back yard in better condition than it was before they started. Strathcona Excavating was a breath of fresh air - much needed after a sewer backup, as you can imagine. In a time where finding contractors who are available let alone arrive when they say they will, Strathcona Excavating surpassed all of our expectations. Five stars! If you're considering getting in touch with them for their services, do not hesitate. We would specifically like to thank the project supervisor, Andrew Hender, and his entire team for everything they did for us.
John Harkins
1 year ago
My review on google: Someone recommended me to call Andrew at SEI and I am glad I called. He has integrity, is professional and experienced. My water main line had leaked under the foundation and got water damage in the basement. I called Andrew at SEI. He came right away, gave me an estimate, and when he described how he was going to do the work, I knew right away this was going to be the best way to go. You get quality work at a competitive price. In one day, the SEI crew put in a new main water line so no need to patch-repair the old line which would have been unreliable, and cost far more to tear up the floor and then rebuild. Their fast work also saves time and money (and not to mention eating out, hotel, etc. if you had to move out and wait for slow repairs). I recommend SEI to anyone who needs to repair their water main (or sewer).
Kevin Sam
1 year ago
SEI, Andrew, his foreman Marc and Marc’s crew have a level of pride in their work I have not seen in a long long long time. Far more accommodating then they had to be, and very very patient with me as I’m one of those home owners who was more “involved” then I probably should have been. Having dealt with every line bursting company in the city, Andrew was the only one to be forward enough with me about the likely hood it not working in my situation. Very very happy I went with the full dig option for a very minimal price difference. Call these guys first and frankly don’t bother calling anyone else. Not many companies like this around anymore.
Scott O
1 year ago
Chris, thank you for providing us with great service. You guys were extremely knowledgeable and professional. I look forward to working with you in the future.
Daniel Varsallona
1 year ago
We had what we thought was a frozen septic line following a northern Alberta cold-snap, 2 days prior to Christmas. We live in a rural area north of Edmonton, where there is no 24/7 emergency services. These guys took our call, and sent a crew the following day, when no body else would take the job (due to our location and timing for holidays). Our problems continued as despite troubleshooting, the freeze was not as obvious as a frozen septic line (was a small section of frozen pipe leading to the septic under our house, in an oddly configured plumb job from the previous owners). The crew did not give up, despite trying everything that would be a routine fix. They kept at it until we finally isolated and fixed the problem. It was a long day for these guys - Dakota, Andy and Grant but they were extremely pleasant, hard working and a great crew to deal with. We had 3 sets of family coming in that week, and needless to say our Christmas would have been a complete disaster without their persistence. Thanks everyone and I would highly recommend this company to anyone.
1 year ago
1 year ago
Andrew and Team operated with the utmost professionalism and integrity. I will be recommending them to family and friends if they require a similar service on their home. Very happy with the work received, which was both on time and on budget. Andrew and Team operated with the utmost professionalism and integrity. I will be recommending them to family and friends if they require a similar service on their home. … More
Bobby Naicker
1 year ago
I wouldn't wish an emergency sewer line repair on anyone, but if you do find yourself in that position, I would highly recommend SEI. Their quote was competitive, their availability was prompt, and I was so impressed with the professionalism of their crew. They were diligent to locate all of the existing utilities on the property, beyond considerate to not damage my existing landscaping or adjacent driveway, they were patient to answer all of my questions, and kept me informed and reassured throughout the repair.
Calvin C
1 year ago
I hired SEI to replace a water line into my house. Andrew explained how they were going to directional drill a new line and explained the process. Lines of communication were clear, calls returned promptly. Reports for insurance completed. Concrete repairs to driveway done in a timely manner.

The crew that did the work were professional, friendly and answered my questions. I am glad I choose SEI and would highly recommend them.
A. Holubitsky
1 year ago
I have a mature, developed property with not a lot of room to maneuver, yet Andrew and his team went the extra mile to put in a new septic system and left the yard looking as good as new. All the guys were professional and obviously cared about making us happy.
Gerry Vanbrabant
1 year ago
Sewer collapse repaired promptly and with great cleanup. Well-priced compared to the competition.
Karen Lange
2 years ago
Shout out to Andrew and his crew for a prompt promising repair. I live in a old neighbor hood with clay sewer lines. My lines were starting to collapse. Andrew and his crew were out first thing in the morning after scoping the lines and managed to replace the sewer line plus new water line in 7 hours!!!Thanks again!
scott doye
2 years ago
I was very happy with the work done by Chris and his crew. Everyone was very helpful in letting me know what was about to happen and the next steps in the process. They were quick in doing the repair and my property was cleaner when they left and after the work was completed, not to mention, that it was very clean and organized while they were setting up and doing the actual work. Truly an experience that was made less painful with all their concern for doing an excellent job! In this day and age these young men are a credit to their profession and to your company. I have no hesitation in recommending your service to anyone!
Ralph C.
2 years ago
We had a crew out to rectify a sewer back up. They were all very pleasant, hard workers who made sure the job was done to my standards. They took the time to listen to my questions and concerns. A few weeks later they are back to bring my yard back into order. They went above and beyond my expectations and have made my yard look better than it did before. I am so pleased with the results and really enjoyed having them on site.
Shanna Ramage
2 years ago
Great service. Good people.I recommend them for sure!
Jonathan Boyd
3 years ago
Shauna Couper
4 years ago
We recently found out that our water cistern needed to be replaced so started the task of requesting estimates to have this done. SEI was able to price the work affordably and deliver in the time frame we were interested in. The crew led by Andrew was extremely pleasant to work with and kept us apprised of the job every step of the way. We were without water for only a small portion of a day while the work was being done. Thank you again to Jason and company. We have and will highly recommend your services to our neighbors and friends should they require excavating services. Deb & Rick
Debra Pynten
4 years ago
I cant say enough about the service I received from Strathcona Excavating. I had to replace both our cistern and septic tank and when i called for a quote, i was greeted by a very friendly lady who then directed me on to the owner. Jason gave me a fair price and scheduled the work quickly. The crew that attended my house was polite and professional in all areas. They completed the work efficiently and with as little disruption as possible. When they were finished, my property looked as it did before they arrived. I would definitely recommend Strathcona Excavating if you need this kind of work. Great Job Guys!!!
John Dower
5 years ago