Hydrovac services in Edmonton, Alberta

Our Vacuum Truck Services Include:

  • Daylighting
  • Slot trenching
  • Dewatering
  • Pile and pole excavation
  • Shoring box excavating and installation
  • Excavation sloping
  • Steaming/Pressure washing
  • Line flushing
  • Provide disposal for clean and contaminated waste
  • Combo Vacuum trucks

Vac Truck Information

  • Foremost Vac Systems
  • Rebel Vac Systems
  • Tornado Vac Systems

(We have multiple dump locations available to ensure contaminated and/or clean materials are properly disposed of. Our dump sites are also guaranteed to ensure environmental compliance).

We’ll Take Care of Your Waste With Minimal Environmental Impact

Let us take care of your Edmonton job site slurry removal needs with minimal impact to the surrounding environment. Recently, hydrovac and vac truck solutions have become popular due to their environmentally friendly and nondestructive nature. We understand the importance of minimizing damage to the surrounding excavation area and using proper hauling equipment to address your hydrovac slurry waste disposal needs. Our units, which follow the highest health and safety standards for Alberta and Canada, are ready to arrive at your job site, on your schedule, whenever you need us, to meet your disposal needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on how often your company needs to use the hydrovac truck and the scope of your project, the prices can vary a great deal.

Strathcona Excavating uses the most powerful and modern hydrovac trucks and can perform excavations up to 20 metres deep. In addition, the hydrovac trucks can dig in areas that are 150 metres away from the truck itself.

Hydrovac trucks are equipped with boilers, heaters and insulating systems that allow for heating of the water. Because of this, we can work year-round and on a vast range of surfaces including snow and slippery ice. This means our cold Alberta winters won’t slow your project down!

Strathcona Excavating has a wide selection of hydrovac trucks to ensure your excavation needs are met without a hitch. Our rates for Edmonton hydrovac work are competitive and, thanks to our experienced and certified operators, you don’t have to wait long for your line replacement, repair work, or cleaning to be completed.

Our fleet of hydrovac trucks are ready to provide you with quick and efficient excavation, and our emergency 24/7 dispatch also means that should the unexpected happen to you, our company is here to handle it. Contact us today and see why we’re industry leaders in hydrovac services!

For more information regarding the specifications of our vac trucks, such as debris tank size, or what kinds of vacuum pumps, water tanks, and water pumps are attached to our trucks, give us a call! We will be happy to provide you with a free estimate and information regarding which truck would best suit your needs.

Yes, we do! In the event of a sudden water main break, call our 24/7 hydrovac dispatch number, at 780-239-9001. Our team of experts and our hydrovac trucks are readily available all year round, and also provide the following benefits:

  • Easy access into small, congested, or confined spaces normally inaccessible to heavy equipment
  • Controlled excavation and smooth repair or replacement of underground utility lines, resulting in reduced reconstruction costs
  • Safe and efficient digging around underground power lines, reducing the risk of damage or injury
  • Removal of debris and proper cleaning
  • And more!

The crews employed by Strathcona Excavating come highly trained and experienced in operating our hydrovac trucks and providing communities with expert line repair/replacement work. We take pride in the fact that our teams have and are continuing to meet our zero-injury goal and high safety standards.

To learn more about what kind of certifications we hold, check out our Health & Safety page!

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