Hydrovac Services include:

  • Daylighting (exposure of underground utilities)
  • Slot trenching
  • Dewatering
  • Pile and pole excavation
  • Shoring box excavating and install
  • Excavation sloping
  • Steaming/Pressure washing
  • Line flushing
  • Provide disposal for clean and contaminated

(The dump sites we use are guaranteed to ensure
environmental compliance. We have multiple dump
locations available for contaminated and/or clean
materials to be properly disposed of)

Hydrovac Truck Information

  • Foremost Vac Systems
  • Rebel Vac Systems
  • Tornado Vac Systems


One of the reasons hydro-vac services in Edmonton have become so popular is due to its environmentally friendly nature. Because it is non-destructive, it doesn’t damage the area around your site. In our ever-changing and ever-evolving world, it has become more important to find environmentally friendly solutions, and hydrovacing is one of them.

Water Truck Services

Strathcona Excavating has multiple water trucks available to transport large quantities of water. Our units are ready to deliver to plant sites, construction sites, for hydro-testing and to our hydrovac units which allows them to stay on site and keep working longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on how often your business needs to use the hydrovac truck and the scope of your project, the prices can vary a great deal. Please contact us for specific costs and we will be happy to provide a quote regarding your hydrovac needs and answer any questions.

Strathcona Excavating uses the most powerful and modern hydrovac trucks and can perform excavations up to 20 metres deep. In addition, the hydrovac trucks can dig in areas that are 150 metres away from the truck itself.

Hydrovac trucks are equipped with boilers, heaters and insulating systems that allow for heating of the water. Because of this, we can work year-round and on a vast range of surfaces including snow and slippery ice.

Other Services