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 Hydrovac Services in Edmonton and Throughout Alberta 


Countless situations require careful excavation around existing infrastructures. The power to expose water, electricity, or other shallow utility lines without damage becomes essential for almost any maintenance and repair task.


Strathcona Excavating Inc. has the solution to this particular need through our hydro-vacuum excavation method. You'll find that our assistance provides a safe and environmentally friendly method, so choose us for efficient hydro-vac in Edmonton and throughout Alberta. 


The Hydrovac Process 

After arriving at your site, we will insert the (VAC) vacuum hose attached to our heavy-duty vac truck into the designated area to begin daylighting the earth. Clay, stone gravel and rock is vacuumed up from the ground while (HYDRO) controlled high water pressure loosens the ground and is used to uncover the utility lines in need of repair, replacement, or locate. Debris is sucked into the tank attached to the truck unit. Ice or frozen ground? No problem Hydrovacing can be used in the winter months! 

Hydrovac Services 


Hydrovacs are used for many purposes, including:


  • Slot trenching

  • Dewatering 

  • Pile and pole excavating 

  • Utility Locates and Exposure 

  • Pipelines

  • Shoring box excavating and install 

  • Excavation sloping 

  • Daylighting

  • Line Locating 

  • Provide dump and disposal for clean and contaminated waste ( Dump Sites are guaranteed to ensure environmental compliance. We have multiple dump locations for contaminated and clean materials to be disposed of properly)



One of the reasons hydro-vac services in Edmonton has become so popular in recent years is due to its environmentally friendly nature. Because it is non-destructive, it doesn’t damage the area around your site. In our ever-changing and ever-evolving world, it becomes more important by the day to find environmentally friendly excavation solutions, and hydrovacing is certainly one of them.

Hydrovac Truck Unit Information 

  • Water Capacity - 8 cubic meters 

  • Debris Capacity - 12 cubic meters 

  • Blower - Robuschi 125 

  • Pump- CAT 3560 

  • Boilers- Dynablast 700K

  • Boom- 8" boom, 28 ft reach

  • Standard - Dig tube and rack + extensions 

Water Hauling  Services 


With Strathcona Excavating water trucks transport large quantities of water with our Alberta Transportation Code rated units. We have tandem units ready to deliver to plant sites, construction sites, for hydrotesting and our hydrovac units. 

Straight Vac Services 

Straight Vac services  are optimal for cleaning up hazardous waste, liquids, spills. TC407/412 Alberta Transportation Code rated tanks are developed to handle materials that are flammable such as oil, gas, diesel,  and corrosive chemicals. They are also used in our Industrial tank and vessel cleaning services division. 

Underground Utility Access

With the power of our hydro-vac, straight vac and water truck excavation division, you can safely access any utility line (deep or shallow) for maintenance, inspection, and repairs.  Avoid the possibility of unnecessary line damage with this useful and trusted excavation and combo types


Repairs cost you time and money, so why add further issues or stress to the existing expense? Strathcona provides hydrovacing to Alberta so your lines and infrastructure stay intact, no matter what repairs they may require. Our company provides the locates you need without any further complications.


You'll find that our well equipped fleet of hydro-vac vehicles stands ready to tackle any given task 24/7 365 days a year.  Strathcona Excavating will keep projects within budget and timeframe with the help of our maintained hydrovac trucks. We pride ourselves in safe effective production with competent and trained operators and swampers. 




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