Power and Communication Installation

Power and Communication Installation


Strathcona Excavating Inc. is an underground utilities contractor that provides electrical underground utilities for subdivisions and multifamily sites in Edmonton, AB and the surrounding area.  Strathcona Excavating Inc. has over 20 years of Experience providing the following year round services:

  • Underground Electrical Services

  • Install of Communications

  • Install of Transformers and pedestals

  • Temporary Power, Aerial and URD

  • Installation of Street Lighting, and Lighting Contactors

  • 4 Party Subdivision installations (Gas, Pwr, Tel, CATV)

Subdivision Shallow Utilities & More in Edmonton

It's easy to not worry about how the power gets to your home or business, unless of course you don't have power. Utilities matter for your everyday operations, and proper installation and maintenance of those services become essential, especially when it comes to your electricity.


Let Strathcona Excavating Inc. take on the responsibility of providing you with a power source through shallow utility trenches. Our team provides reliable electricity to homes and businesses alike.


Experienced Installation

At Strathcona Excavating Inc., our electrical division uses experienced individuals and quality equipment to inspect and install subdivision shallow utilities in Edmonton.


In our employee training, we emphasize gaining the proper experience and certification before our linemen begin any task. As we've served residents of Edmonton over the years, this focus on safety has only aided us in our goal to exceed client expectations.


Our experience installing subdivision shallow utilities for Edmonton residents has given us the knowledge and skillset we need to complete projects in a timely manner. With reliable and careful installation and consistent maintenance to your power lines, we make it possible for you to enjoy reliable electricity for many years to come.


Power Services

Electrical underground utilities require specific maintenance and installation, which Strathcona Excavating Inc. provides. These year-round services include:


  • Supplying power poles, aerials, and URDs

  • Supplying temporary power

  • Installing transformers to power pedestals and groundings

  • From power pedestals into each subdivision lot and to street lights 

  • Supply and installation of Telus and Shaw communications

  • Connecting primary power lines

  • Dig road crossing prior to paving 

  • Trenching and sanding

  • Performing compaction and backfill services


When we perform these services in Edmonton and surrounding areas, you'll find that we complete each job on time and within the budget you set. We'll help you create the necessary utility channels in the most efficient way possible.


Reliable power comes from trusted installation and safe maintenance practices. Choose Strathcona Excavating Inc. for all needs relating to subdivision shallow utilities in the Edmonton area. To find out more, contact us at 780-416-9000 today.