Horizontal Directional Drilling 

Strathcona Excavationg Directional Drilling Division 

Strathcona Excavating is an Alberta based directional drilling company. Our decade long experience has provided optimal directional drilling solutions on hundreds of projects. 

HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) is used for installation of  underground utilities. Why use this method? Firstly, it forms properly sized pathways for the safe, affordable and effective installation of sewer/water lines, cables, HDPP pipe and more. This method is preferred in situations because it does not cause any effects to roadways, sidewalks, green belts etc. It is suitable for large and small scale projects. Drilling capabilities include rivers, creeks, roads, hot line bores for all types of conditions. All terrain directional drills can bore lengths to 500 meters and 16 inches wide. 

Strathcona Excavating uses the latest technology for locating and tracking the drill head. This provides our clients and customers with an accurate bore path. Our excavation equipment excavates our own pits and holes while rigging the HDD reels of pipe without having any delays in projects, along with minimal environmental impact. Strathcona Excavating can drill deeper and longer with the help of our excavation equipment ready on site.


Our qualified crews will ensure confidence for our returning clients and first time customers in the service we supply. 

Installation of Underground Utilities Include: 

  • Water and Sewer lines 

  • Cable for power and telecommunications 

  • Oil and Gas pipelines 

  • Gas lines 

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